The circuit boards...

The boards used to be made by hand and the drilled with a hand drill
Now, the boards are made by a professional PCB company which means there's no need to deal with messy chemicals anymore

Power supply board...

This board also contains the circuit for the muting relays
The relays used to be on the actual board but now the relays are mounted off board

One of the VU LED boards...

The 10 band graphic with just the IC sockets in place

More components in place

Completed and ready for testing (once I put some IC's in the sockets)

Meet henry, the headphone amplifier

Mic mix / Phono input boards

paulette and Patricia (mids and tops parametric).
Forgot to take pictures of Peter and Paul (Bass and Mids)

Back panel - half wired

The "motherboard"

Inside, most of the boards wired up

Ready for testing

Working - Time to upset the neighbours....